Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tapas Revolution - Omar Allibhoy

I was recently invited along to Tapas Revolution in Westfield London, a delicious tapas eatery owned by the very passionate and inspiring Omar Allibhoy. The mission should I choose to accept it was to sample dishes from the new menu that had recently been launched. I obviously dived in with no hesitation at all. All I can say is the only thing that was missing was the beating sun burning into the dress on my back and the sound of a Mandolin gently playing in the background.. 

The Tapas dishes were simply sensational, amazing olives, to bursting tomatoes and mouthwatering seafood and cured meats. Omar has a clear focus and passion and is completely driven to offering and providing the best that Spain has to offer to us here in the UK. The Sangria tasted like none I had had the privilege of sipping before. It was clearly a recipe of labour made by Omar, the difference is the fruit is steeped and warmed, before being doused in red wine. The Sangria was flowing and the tapas dishes were honestly divine! Omar has a vast understanding and knowledge of what makes the best tapas, from quality ingredients to seasonality, hence the reason Omar chooses to alter and change the menu per season quarter. 

I would hurry back tomorrow, without fail and very much look forward to the opening of Tapas Revolution in Shoreditch later this year.  Here are a few dishes I sampled on the evening!! 

Fuet - Catalonian cured pork sausage offered with small bread battens

Pan de la casa - Toasted bread topped with a tomato and garlic sauce and delicious jamon Serrano

Ensalada de tomate, red and yellow tomatoes, olive and red onion salad and amazing Pulpo a la Gallega - Steamed octopus with potatoes and pimenton paprika

Arroz negro - Black rice with prawns and squid, served with aioli, an unbelievable dish, the flavours were so complex, I wanted more.

Gazpacho de sandia - Traditional chilled vegetable soup with a hint of watermelon

Alcachofas con salsa romesco - Baby artichokes with oil and garlic served with a romesco sauce 
Croquetas de jamon - Deep fried Iberico ham croquettes

Pimientos rellenos de setas - Piuillios peppers stuffed with mushrooms and to finish my favourite, 
Crema Catalana - Traditional dessert of Spain made using vanilla pod, lemon and cinnamon.

Amazing Tapas, Gracias Omar. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

A beautiful fish market in the heart of Menorca.....

I just wanted to share with you some photos I captured on my mobile from the beautiful eye opening fish markets in Cuitadella and Mao', in Menorca.

In the UK, we are conservative, we follow laws, wear gloves, hair nets and the rest of it. This way of handling fish just isn't seen in the UK, not with 'Health and Safety' and all that nonsense. The fish markets here are a way of life. Full of locals having their favourite catch filleted and cleaned. I felt so comfortable and wanted to jump behind the counter if only for a few minutes.  These fish mongers are incredibly knowledgeable and could turn their hand to any sea creature given. The noise and energy was immense and I became some what completely overwhelmed. I stood, stared and tried my best to absorb every action........I think I may have made the fishmongers a little uncomfortable but to be honest, I was in absolute ore of them working.

From fresh tuna to monk-fish, octopus, eel, catfish, swordfish,  sardines, squid, prawns and some ugly looking creatures I had never seen, nor would I choose to eat!! I loved every single minute, wish I could jump on that infamous 'Magic carpet', and be back in the somewhat fragrant market again.